Forklift Service

and Repair

Forklift Service

and Repair

Forklift Express - Atlanta’s Most Dependable Forklift Service and Repair

Dependable forklift repair is the foundation of Forklift Express. We have been Metro Atlanta’s trusted forklift service and repair provider for over 25 years.


Our team of well-trained and experienced technicians is equipped with modern mobile service vehicles and equipment to safely and properly repair your forklift. We work on all makes and models and provide high-quality breakdown services and Preventive Maintenance programs to the Greater Metro Atlanta area.


At Forklift Express, we work hard to communicate needed repairs with you, quote promptly, bill transparently, and repair equipment promptly. Proper fleet management is crucial to your business’s success, and we take it seriously. We aren’t merely there to work on your forklifts but help your business track costs with our comprehensive reports. This means more profit for your business.

Why Forklift Express?

Forklift Express services all of the Metro Atlanta area with two locations: South Metro Atlanta and North Metro Atlanta - Peachtree Corners. Our experienced staff is standing by to help your business move materials safely, promptly, and efficiently.

We understand that you don’t always experience service concerns during business hours. Therefore, we offer breakdown and evening service calls.

The Forklift Express Advantage:

  • Servicing all of Metro Atlanta
  • Prompt, Expert Service
  • Highly Experienced, Trained Technicians
  • Safety is always first
  • On-Site Hydraulic Hose Repair
  • Brake Jobs, Motor Repair, Hydraulic Cylinder Repair, Electrical Diagnosis, Oil change
  • OEM and Aftermarket Parts Available
  • Track costs with our comprehensive reports
  • 90 Day Parts and Service Warranty
  • Break Down Service
  • PM Service (evening)
  • Oil Change Service
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
  • Steer Axle Repair
  • Engine overhaul
  • Engine Replacement
  • Motor Replacement
  • Transmission Replacement
  • Hose Replacement
  • Transmission & Hydraulic oil services

Contact us at any time that you need our services. We are prompt and will send a team of trained experts for your forklift maintenance, service, and repair.

5 Forklift Maintenance Tips

Forklift maintenance is vital for your forklift fleet management. Proper maintenance will help your business save money over the long run by having better running and lasting equipment.

Your forklifts are an important asset for your business, and properly maintaining them will help them hold their value.


Follow these main preventative maintenance tips:


1. Regular Preventative Maintenance and Inspections

Your forklift fleet must be on a regular preventative maintenance schedule to keep them operating at peak performance which will reduce your long-term maintenance costs.

Visit our Tool Box to see some of our Common Forklift Maintenance Timeframes and talk to one of our technicians about getting on a Preventive Maintenance program.

Educating your forklift drivers on how to spot and act on any issues they spot no matter how small should be a priority.

2. Oil Change Every Three Months

Follow the manufacturer’s manual for your forklift for regular oil changes. Most recommend changing the oil every 3 months. You need to maintain a written schedule for your forklifts. Missed oil changes can cause sludge buildup on the engine and result in a decreased performance. Poor maintenance will cause more downtime and increased costs for your forklifts.

3. Regularly Clean and Lubricate Your Forklift

Your forklifts are doing a lot of heavy lifting every day. For them to work at optimal performance, you need to keep the forklifts clean of dirt, dust, and build-up. Along with cleaning, keeping all the forklift parts well-oiled and lubricated to work properly and
avoid damage or corrosion.

4. Battery Maintenance

Establishing a battery inspection timetable suitable for all users is difficult because battery usage and the quality of routine maintenance differ from one plant to the next.

If routine maintenance is followed and the batteries are cycled once a day, five days a week, an annual inspection should be sufficient to identify any problems. Contact Forklift Express for any questions and to make sure your routine maintenance schedule is adequate for your fleet and the conditions your forklifts operate under.

5. Tire Maintenance

Your tire pressure should be checked every month. Tires can be damaged or incur increased wear and tear if they are improperly inflated. Improperly inflated tires can reduce your forklift’s performance and increase fuel consumption.

Contact us to discuss our Preventive Maintenance programs and determine the best fit for your business to keep your forklift fleet operating at peak performance.