Treating Sulfated Forklift Batteries

Careful attention to the following steps often will restore a sulfated battery to good operating condition.

Periodic Battery Inspection

The investment in motive power batteries can be considerable. To protect this investment, inspect both batteries and chargers periodically.

Cleaning Your Forklift Battery and Compartment

To prevent tray corrosion and its associated problems, batteries must be cleaned and dried routinely.

Watering Your Forklift Battery

To prevent damage, water should be added often enough to maintain the electrolyte level.

Battery Charging Care and Maintenance

By far the most important part of routine maintenance is the proper charging of your batteries.

Top Ten Critical Ways to Care for Your Forklift Battery

Keep your batteries in peak condition with these top ten tips.

Common Forklift Maintenance Timeframes

Regular maintenance is key to preventing forklift safety issues. Follow this schedule.