Common Forklift Maintenance Timeframes

Note: Gas = Gasoline Engine, Diesel = Diesel Engine, LP = Liquid Propane Engine, Electric = Battery Powered

Every 6 weeks (or 250 hours)

  • Lubricate mast lift chains and pulleys
  • Lubricate steering axle spindle bearings
  • Check and Adjust Engine Speed
  • Check drive belt and timing belt (Gas/LP/Diesel)
  • Change engine oil and oil filter (Gas/LP/Diesel)
  • Check air filter and replace as needed (Gas/LP/Diesel)
  • Check battery electrolyte, case and cables
  • Check transmission fluid (Gas/LP/Diesel)
  • Check brake fluid
  • Check hydraulic oil
  • Fork inspection

Every 6 months (or 1000 hours)

  • Lubricate pedals, levers, hinges, cables, linkages
  • Check differential oil
  • Check PVC valve (Gas/LP/Diesel)
  • Change spark plugs (Gas/LP/Diesel)
  • Drain/Clean tar from LPG regulator (LP)
  • Change LPG fuel filter (LP)
  • Check regulator pressure, diaphragm and o-ring (LP)

Every 1 year (or 2000 hours)

  • Replace differential oil
  • Replace PVC valve (Gas/LP/Diesel)
  • Adjust drive belt and timing belt (Gas/LP/Diesel)
  • Change coolant (Gas/LP/Diesel)
  • Change transmission fluid and filter (Gas/LP/Diesel)
  • Service brakes, parking brake and brake lines
  • Change brake fluid
  • Change hydraulic oil and oil filter
  • Lubricate wheel bearings
  • Change gasoline and diesel fuel filter (Gas/Diesel)