Top Ten Critical Ways to Care for Your Forklift Battery

  1. Never allow battery to discharge below 20%.
  2. Make sure to always plug charger into the plug for the battery and not the lift. This is a common mistake that can happen when busy or not paying attention, but this simple mistake can cause serious damage to your forklift.
  3. During charging, always keep battery cover and truck compartment open and well ventilated.
  4. Never use any charger that is not the correct voltage, current output and approved by the battery’s manufacturer. If water levels are low, be sure to complete a full discharge and charge cycle before adding water.
  5. Use only approved water in forklift batteries and never add electrolyte (acid). Well water, hard water and poor municipal water will greatly reduce life of the battery. Distilled water is always the best for filling a forklift battery.
  6. Make sure electrolyte levels are above separator protectors and slightly below vent well, especially if battery has been sitting for prolonged periods. Automatic watering guns and watering systems are a great solution for maintaining proper water levels.
  7. Never charge or operate a battery that is over 115°F. Allow to sit in a cool area until it reaches a safe temperature.
  8. Make sure vent caps are always tightly in place.
  9. Keep battery top clean and dry.
  10. Always keep flames and metal away from battery top. Very dangerous gases can accumulate around battery and cause explosions and health risks.
  11. Fork inspection.