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Periodic Battery Inspection

The Purpose and Frequency of Inspections

The investment in motive power batteries can be considerable. To protect this investment, it is recommended that both batteries and chargers be inspected periodically. This general type of inspection, which is a form of preventative maintenance, should not be confused with the inspection carried out for troubleshooting a battery to pinpoint a specific problem.

If minor problems in batteries and chargers can be identified early, then adjusted or repaired, battery damage can be avoided. A battery inspection often reveals improper routine maintenance and operational procedures, which can lead to extensive battery and vehicle damage. Inspection can also identify batteries in poor condition so they can be replaced immediately or at some suitable time in the future.

Establishing a battery inspection timetable suitable for all users is difficult, because battery usage and the quality of routine maintenance differ from one plant to the next. However, if routine maintenance is average and the batteries are cycled once a day, five days a week, an annual inspection should be sufficient to identify any problems

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